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AHAHAHHA!! that's great for no reason a guy just comes out, and for no reason they start fighting. It looked pretty realistic when that guy got sliced.


haha that was great. the sperms point of view. Please make more. Their Halarious.

You are God

Jerry my idol. Haven't seen you in a while. Glad you're back. Awesome job.

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Pretty Fun

I played it all the way through and beat the game. The last boss was a lava golem sort of guy. I thought the bosses would look a lot scarier, but the drawings were basic. Heh the dragons go up by rankings, sort of like Heroes. I don’t know if the idea came from heroes. Like the rankings being Green, Red, and then Black.

Graphics: Were pretty nice. The characters weren't all detailed but it's so small it wouldn't matter in the game. Plus you aren't going to be focused on that a lot. The backgrounds are nice.

Style: Awesome sort of defend your base type game. The armies are nice. Lord of the Rings based game. That was a pretty good idea. It has a nice theme and that's going to help your score.

Sound: Pretty good voice acting for all the instructions, and through out the game play. The music was pretty fit for battle. Nice job.

Violence: Heh a hell of a lot of killing but so small it's not too gory. Good enough for me.

Interactivity: I think the instructions could have been better explained. I read the instructions, but it took me a while to actually get it. I didn't know you click them to purchase. The game play was good it was kind of easy. In fact the higher levels got even easier. The lower levels surprisingly were a lot harder than the higher levels. Once you get to the furthest right side but a black a little you can get all the kills in the later levels. You see where you stand is very narrow unlike the earlier snowy levels where it's all big and you got to run around. That there makes it tough. Also it's touch to buy and kill at the same time. You got to take your hands off the keyboard and click to buy unless you use the 0 button to kill but that is hard.

Humor: I didn't feel it was there, or maybe I missed it.

Overall: Pretty fun game. Very addicting I played it all the way through and won. I got to see the credits and the intro to all the good and bad guys.


Needs to be fixed

It was a pretty decent game. The word from the sponsors was pretty funny good idea. The intro for the Tucan Juice, which you can drink to pwn, your enemies were pretty decent. The game would of been great, except for the fact that the walls were too small to fit through. You have to go backwards and try again which will get you killed.


I didn't like it

Congrats on the Underdog of the week, and for your first submission. That’s pretty good.

Graphics: It is just photographs of drums. You should drawn your own it will look much better. That is unless you can’t draw. If you can’t draw then ask someone to help you.

Style: I’ve seen tons of these games already. Not original at all.

Sound: You could use better quality drum sounds.

Violence: None

Interactivity: Wasn’t that fun. I’m not too into drums, and if I were I would be playing that instead.

Humor: None.

Overall: I didn’t like it much. Needs work as I suggested.


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very sexy voice you got there

Hey it's the famous, the most popular newgrounder alive anzrage. Aren't you glad out of the millions and millions i choose to review you?

AnzCorp responds:

yeah your soo sexy anzrage, i love you! thanks for reviewing :)

Awesome poem

powerful! dark! u sound like the devil.

AnzCorp responds:

Hahahhaha yes yes,this poem was written during my great depression. I'm glad you like it, more reviews please keep em coming!

clarity is bad i can hear static background.

Pretty good, pretty good, i liked your movie just another psycho thats how i found this song from your profile, rock on.

I'm hot cuz i'm hot, hot. You're not cuz your not, not.

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